Taggart, Rimes & Graham, PLLC and Wiggins Law, PLLC to Merge and Create Taggart, Rimes & Wiggins, PLLC

Firm will provide superior legal services at locations in Ridgeland and Pascagoula

JACKSON, Miss. (May 3, 2021) – The law firms of Taggart, Rimes & Graham, PLLC and Wiggins Law, PLLC announced their merger today, and the creation of the new law firm of Taggart, Rimes & Wiggins, PLLC. The new firm will have offices in Ridgeland, Miss., and Pascagoula, Miss.

Andy Taggart, CEO of the newly formed firm, was clear about the goals of the new professional relationship.

“Our intention is to provide our clients the highest quality of legal services at the fairest fees to reach real solutions to their problems and to bring full realization to their opportunities,” Taggart said. “While our firm already had a statewide practice, joining forces with Brice Wiggins and his team on the Gulf Coast gives us a reach and additional expertise that will be of significant benefit to the clients we serve.”

State Senator Brice Wiggins offered a similar perspective.

“At Wiggins Law, PLLC, we have offered great value and great results for our clients from the Coast to the Jackson area,” Wiggins said. “Combining our team with the outstanding professionals at Taggart, Rimes & Graham really enhances our ability to handle any matter of any size anywhere in the state.”

Taggart and partner Jeff Rimes have practiced together since 2010, based in Ridgeland. Wiggins has owned his law practice in Pascagoula since 2011.

“Andy and I have talked and looked for a long time about expanding our firm’s presence to the Gulf Coast,” Rimes noted. “When the opportunity to join forces with Brice presented itself, we knew we had found the right fit at the right time.”

The combined firm offers a wide range of legal services to clients in Mississippi. Attorneys at the firm have served in the highest levels of state government, and as state and local prosecutors. Practice expertise includes commercial litigation, criminal defense, family and domestic law, youth court law, immigration services and wills, estate and trusts. The firm’s attorneys also have many years of experience serving the state’s healthcare community, having represented one of the state’s largest hospital systems for many years, as well as small community hospitals and medical clinicians and professionals at all levels. The firm’s attorneys regularly represent licensed professionals and permittees before regulatory and administrative bodies of state government.

“Our objective is not to reach some particular size, or some magic number of attorneys,” Taggart concluded. “We only have one measure of success – our clients’ satisfaction that we have provided them with the highest level of legal services they could receive. We believe our new firm puts us in a better position to provide that level of quality services.”

To learn more about Taggart, Rimes and Wiggins, PLLC, visit trwlawyers.com