Perhaps it’s time you learn for yourself.

The attorneys of Taggart, Rimes & Wiggins bring generations of expertise in the management of sophisticated legal matters to bear on business, governmental and personal challenges in a small, client-centered setting. We have purposely determined that we will not be driven by the growth of our law firm, but instead by the successes of our clients.

The firm’s professional relationships are structured to enhance the efficient and economical resolution of matters presented to us for handling. Flat fees are the norm at our firm, rather than traditional hourly rate billing that provides little incentive for rapid resolution of pending projects. In addition, no internal compensation arrangements are affected by which lawyer provides services — or bills time — to a client on any given matter. Instead, the firm devotes to each matter the personnel and other resources best suited to reach our client’s objectives.

Our service based philosophy may be reminiscent of an earlier time, but our approach to practicing law is thoroughly modern. Our team of attorneys is creative, innovative and forward-thinking in pursuit of our clients’ interests. Rather than fighting yesterday’s battles, we help people and businesses look for and attain tomorrow’s opportunities.

At the same time, while our entrepreneurial spirit matches that of our clients, we also believe that our counsel should provide guidance and be marked by prudence.

Those who already entrust us with their most important business know they can count on the professionals at Taggart, Rimes & Wiggins.