Proven Advocacy

Despite best efforts of businesses and individuals, it sometimes becomes necessary for disputes to be resolved through some resolution process. From informal mechanisms such as mediation efforts, to formal arbitration and full-blown litigation, our attorneys are prepared with the front-line experience and the intellectual tools to offer the highest possible level of protection of our clients’ interests.

Commercial and contract disputes, regulatory enforcement matters, divorce and child support issues, ownership challenges – the attorneys of Taggart, Rimes & Wiggins, PLLC have provided top-flight advocacy services across the spectrum. Far from the scorched earth strategies pursued by some, our firm guides clients through the maddening maze of dispute resolution with only one objective in mind: best serving our clients by rapidly moving matters so that our clients may get on with their businesses and their lives.

We also advise business owners as to litigation strategy, and oversee the handling of litigated files by attorneys assigned by a business owner’s insurance carrier in appropriate cases.