Ready to partner with you

Experienced in a variety of high-stakes legal matters, the attorneys of Taggart, Rimes & Wiggins, PLLC offer counsel and support to our clients on a surprisingly broad range of issues for a relatively small firm.

Wise Counsel

At Taggart, Rimes & Wiggins, we believe that integrity, respect for our clients and for one another, and twenty-first century productivity are not mutually exclusive values.

We built our firm to represent and advocate for each client in a personalized way, using years of litigation, trial and advocacy skills honed in the courts and the Mississippi legislature. We carefully craft tailored representation to serve each of our clients’ needs in an ever-changing legal environment.

We have purposely structured our firm to best serve and protect our clients’ interests. In fact, the reason our firm was created was the conviction of our attorneys that each of us could better meet the needs of his or her clients by joining together to bring to bear a stronger pool of talent and a wider range of experience on each matter entrusted to us.

We will accept only those matters on which we believe we can add significant value for our clients, and where we have demonstrable expertise. Subject to our clients’ approval, we assign, as lead attorney, the member of the firm best equipped to handle each matter. Our acknowledged standard for excellence is the ability to move matters to real solutions that meet our clients’ real needs. Productivity is measured in terms of results achieved, not volume of work or hours billed. And a satisfied client is the basis for our highest sense of professional achievement.

When a matter comes into our offices, it becomes the responsibility of our firm, not just that of an individual attorney.

Proven Advocacy

Despite best efforts of businesses and individuals, it sometimes becomes necessary for disputes to be resolved through some resolution process. From informal mechanisms such as mediation efforts, to formal arbitration and full-blown litigation, our attorneys are prepared with the front-line experience and the intellectual tools to offer the highest possible level of protection of our clients’ interests.

Commercial and contract disputes, regulatory enforcement matters, divorce and child support issues, ownership challenges, criminal defense – the attorneys of Taggart, Rimes & Wiggins, PLLC have provided top-flight advocacy services across the spectrum. Far from the scorched earth strategies pursued by some, our firm guides clients through the maddening maze of dispute resolution with only one objective in mind: best serving our clients by rapidly moving matters so that our clients may get on with their businesses and their lives.

We also advise business owners as to litigation strategy, and oversee the handling of litigated files by attorneys assigned by a business owner’s insurance carrier in appropriate cases.

Real Solutions

Our attorneys bring a range of life experiences to the law practice that is not often expected. Principals at Taggart, Rimes & Wiggins, PLLC have been engaged in manufacturing ownership, full-time church service, contract legislative lobbying, executive level management of multi-million dollar enterprises, staff support at the highest level of state government, as state prosecutors, service in elected office and as legal counsel to public bodies. This extraordinary breadth of interest and ability is a great boon for clients of the firm. Our attorneys know from having been on the other side of the table what real solutions are.

Business people want answers, not equivocation. Real estate developers need movement on projects, not explanations of why things have ground to a halt. Parents must protect their children, not learn the intricacies of chancery court practice. Companies fighting bureaucracies want to be done with the government as quickly and inexpensively as possible, and those with their livelihoods or their liberty on the line need the best representation available.

If real solutions and not legal speak is what you are after, Taggart, Rimes & Wiggins, PLLC is ready to partner with you.

Mention of specific practice areas does not imply any unique expertise therein.
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