Real Solutions

Our attorneys bring a range of life experiences to the law practice that is not often expected. Principals at Taggart, Rimes & Wiggins, PLLC have been engaged in manufacturing ownership, full-time church service, contract legislative lobbying, executive level management of multi-million dollar enterprises, staff support at the highest level of state government, service in local elected office and as legal counsel to public bodies. This extraordinary breadth of interest and ability is a great boon for clients of the firm. Our attorneys know from having been on the other side of the table what real solutions are.

Business people want answers, not equivocation. Real estate developers need movement on projects, not explanations of why things have ground to a halt. Parents must protect their children, not learn the intricacies of chancery court practice. Companies fighting bureaucracies want to be done with the government as quickly and inexpensively as possible.

If real solutions and not legal speak is what you are after, Taggart, Rimes & Wiggins, PLLC is ready to partner with you.

Mention of specific practice areas does not imply any unique expertise therein.

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