How To Proceed

In order to speak with one of our attorneys, please e-mail or call, using the contact information found at the “Contact Us” tab on this site.

Please note:

that no attorney/client relationship may be entered into in the absence of personal communication between you and one of our attorneys and an agreement between you or your company and our firm that our firm has been engaged on a particular matter. Please do not send any confidential information by e-mail unless and until you and one of our attorneys have agreed that your matter may be handled by our firm. This precaution is intended to provide protection to you by preventing the undertaking of any matter prior to our firm ensuring the absence of any conflicts that would prohibit our work on a matter, as well as to protect any confidential material from being subject to disclosure to third parties because tendered to us before any attorney/client relationship existed.

If you believe that our approach to the practice of law and the reaching of real solutions is the right combination for you or your business, we look forward to hearing from you.